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Well, it’s been a while since I have posted anything as regards updates to the site – I still have quite a few 35mm transparencies to scan, clean and upload but now we are in lockdown due to the world coronavirus situation, coupled with working from home, now seemed as good a time as any to continue with adding to my online archive of Martinware images.

I am scanning four at a time since this is the maximum using the frame supplied with my scanner for slides, additionally, cleaning both the physical slides – that seem to have mysteriously accumulated a fine film of grime that “fogs” the glass cover over a period of time despite being contained within a plastic slide holder with individual pockets for each slide – and digital removal of spots of mold and “crazing” of the emulsion, is very time consuming and painstaking, but ultimately worth the effort, I think you will agree.

First up is this set of ceramic clocks, minus any mechanism – the Martin Brothers clearly had an eye on the more practical applications of their work aside from their signature whimsical designs, hence these rather gothic-looking clock mounts that are completely devoid of any fantastical creatures – in fact they could have originated in any number of pottery factories of the time – it would be interesting to know if the failure of the brothers to popularise their unique fantastical creations and increase sales of their work had anything to do with this or if they were simply the result of an investigation into other styles.

On a technical point – this image is ever so slightly out of focus or blurred, even though I was using a tripod and exposure issues mean that the background light caused some halation.

Posted on 26 / 02 / 2020


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