Am I bugging you…?



The Martin Bros – I use the term collectively since I have no idea which of the brothers made this, it may be that each item was a collective effort, with one throwing the base item and another decorating – looked as if they derived a lot of enjoyment from designing various creatures and allowing their imagination free-reign with a starting point being observation of nature.

The insects on this vase, judging by this bug alone, don’t seem to have any real-world counterpart, in this case being somewhere between a spider and a crayfish or lobster, with those claws – similarly the cricket / locust insect just visible on the left side in this picture has wings like a dragonfly.

The overall effect is one of immediate recognition but invites closer inspection to verify that it is what you think it is and the consequent surprise that it’s something quite different, and perhaps like the Martin Brothers “character” pots, something a little unsettling, hinting at their sense of humour and appreciation of the absurd.

Posted on 26  / 03 / 2020

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