Pottery fail…?



We can only guess if this was the result of a deliberate attempt to create something that turned up in a medieval excavation or is the result of the Martin Bros’ quirky sense of humour.

The inscription around the base could be Latin and this distortion is unlikely to have occurred during firing – perhaps it did, I’m not enough of an expert to know – it does look like a project that went wrong and the potter gave it a good bash out of frustration before committing it to the kiln.

Perhaps it was part of a line of distorted pots or never left their pottery studio, unlike a lot of the work that was destined for their London  shop – we will never know.

Other than these questions the piece shows off some interesting glazes and surface treatment that make it interesting in its own right and as quirky as anything else produced by the Martin Brothers Pottery.

Posted on 26  / 03 / 2020

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